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Deep Sleep with Theta Binaural Beats 1

anxiety insomnia sleep May 17, 2021
Kathleen B. Shannon, MA, LCMHC
Deep Sleep with Theta Binaural Beats 1

This audio recording has been created to help you get the sleep you need, and is very useful if you are also dealing with anxiety. As you already know, anxiety can mess with your sleep, and using this recording before going to bed (consult your health care provider, if you have questions, as this uses binaural beats), can help you achieve the sleep you need to think more clearly and function more effectively.

These audio files are numbered, rather than "creatively" titled. This is because some people have indicated that certain phrases or themes stood out, and to others, other words and ideas stood out. There were no significant overlaps between these groups, other than they both said, "I finally got a good night's sleep, for the first time in ages."

Also, I'm choosing an audio format over a video format, so you can stream it more easily.