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Losing your mind while trying to sleep

benzodiazepines dementia diphenhydramine fruit insomnia sleep hygiene valerian Aug 15, 2019

Trying to get good sleep is a quest that many people are on, and some are just about willing to do anything to get it.  However, some remedies which can help you sleep, and have been prescribed to help you sleep can be a bigger problem later on down the line.


Recent research has found some rather strong correlations between using benzodiazepines (drugs commonly used for anxiety and insomnia) and development of dementia later in life.  Losing one’s mind to get some sleep now is not a good strategy.  Additionally, dependence on these kinds of drugs can and does happen frequently, meaning that you would have to take more of these over time for the same effect. 


Additionally, using a common allergy medication (diphenhydramine) to help insomnia seems to cause lower brain metabolism and higher brain atrophy.  This was seen on MRI and PET scan imaging by Indiana University School of Medicine researchers.


There are other, healthier, and much longer-lasting options that can be useful to help you get the rest you need and keep your mind in top shape.


  • You can use valerian root or passionflower as a remedy
  • You can make sure that you sleep in a cool room (somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), as this lowers your body’s internal thermometer, which can kickstart sleepiness
  • Eating bananas, cherries, ginger or radishes as a bedtime snack


Also, getting a chance to talk to someone about these concerns and ways to help you turn off your brain at night so that you can sleep is also useful.  If you would like to schedule a free 15 minute consult for insomnia treatment, you can click on the green Schedule Appointment button below and select a time which works for you.

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