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Sober October 13

Oct 14, 2020

In this guided sleep meditation, we are inviting those parts of ourselves that are grieving any kind of loss (loss of job, relationship, family, dreams, etc.) to come into a space where they will be able to get the respect that they have long desired.  In doing so, all of the things which these parts are grieving will also experience the respect that we have longed for them to have also.

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Sober October 12

Oct 13, 2020

In this guided meditation, we are focusing on giving back the energies that don't belong to us, and giving them back to Source, God, Consciousness, The Universe, the Entity that is Greater than we are.

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Sober October 11

Oct 11, 2020

Getting the deep healing you need can really only come about as you seek sobriety. You can know more and be more aware, and this leads to healing, which can lead to a deeper freedom and peace.

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Sober October 10

Oct 11, 2020

Worthiness as a gateway

In this guided sleep meditation, consider resting in your worthiness, and discover what may be even deeper than this, as you drift to sleep.

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Sober October 9

Oct 09, 2020

There is mindset, and "heart set."  But what about the possibility of relaxing back and noticing how your Soul sets itself?  You might be surprised to see how your values and your Soul relate.

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Sober October 8

Oct 09, 2020

In this guided sleep meditation for tonight, we will have a progressive body scan and then you can explore how self-forgiveness may be the process you might need to be able to more deeply heal.

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Sober October 7

Oct 08, 2020

Bill O'Hanlon writes that the 3 Big Keys of Spirituality are Connection, Compassion, and Contribution.  Without these, it probably isn't deep or as true.  I am grateful to him as a mentor.

You can get his book Pathways to Spirituality, here.


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Sober October 6

Oct 07, 2020

"The thoughts of our hearts" is a phrase that I had read and meditated on fairly recently.  I thought that as we explore the deepest thoughts of our hearts, our hearts may finally feel like they are free to share their thoughts, and lead us into a deeper wisdom. 

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Sober October 5

Oct 06, 2020

Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories and adventures in recovery and sobriety. Let's keep this going so everyone can have this treasure of recovered health and life!

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Sober October 4

Oct 04, 2020

There are heroes that I have met who tell me great wisdom. This is one such hero.

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