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For Health Professionals

Do you specialize in treating a particular condition? 

Are your clients getting the results that they want?

Do you have a specific method that our fellow psychotherapists and other health professionals need to know?

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Let Your Gifts Help More People

Your Specialization is NEEDED

Think about how many lives have been changes with just the clients you have already worked with.  Now add their families, friends, coworkers. How much more impact could you have? 

Sharing knowledge is FUN!

When you combine your expertise with your clinical skills, you get results, right?  What if you could help more people, by helping clinicians in other parts of the world with clients who have this problem?

Others NEED to KNOW!

We psychotherapists love to know new skills and ways of working with our clients, so we can do good work we are called to do. Not to mention, when we learn better ways, we can help more people.

More Time

How many times have we psychotherapists said that we have no time? Can you imagine what it would be like if you didn't have to trade dollars for hours?

More Money

When we trade dollars for hours, we can only work so many hours and we can only make so much money. What if there were a way to get more money, doing what you already do?

I'm here to help you!

Psychotherapist and techie!

My name is Kathleen and I have been blessed to work with some of the best psychotherapists in our field, helping them get their courses online.  Being a psychotherapist myself, I know our field, what our market needs, AND I bring the technical, geeky skills to make it all happen for you.  

I'd love to hear your dreams about what we psychotherapists need to know that you can help us learn, so that we can heal others.

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Is it time to share your knowledge?

People all over the world are needing to know how you work with specific problems in your sessions, and how you get the results you get. Their clients will benefit.

How much impact could you have?


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