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Solution-oriented, personalized treatment for your life

You're tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. You've tried to be strong and make things better by yourself, but it just isn't working anymore. You know that something has to change.

You want to feel a soulful connection to yourself and to your loved ones. Contact me today so that we can get started.

Physical Distancing

because we need each other, and we need each other as healthy people.

Please note:  at this time, for your safety and those of others, as we practice physical distancing, I am taking clients via telehealth.

This means that I can talk with you online, through video services that are similar to Skype or FaceTime.  I am here to help you in a meaningful way.

If your situation is such that you are unable to do telehealth, I can still take in-person appointments.

What I Work With

Some feedback from former clients

"Some people are good listeners; some people give sage advice. Kathleen does both, which is virtually unheard of. She does this by asking pointed questions, in a way that helps you to discover the truth on your own. She's an empathetic soul who speaks with wisdom far beyond her years. She didn't just hear me... she healed me. She's authentic and rare."

Male, 53 years old

"Kathleen is an amazing counselor! She has a keen ability to take your intangible feelings and ask the best questions delicately, but intentionally evoke your emotions to emerge clarity of thought and solutions to help place you on a pathway to clarity. With Kathleen, I felt safe, I felt heard, I felt encouraged and I was motivated with accountability to change for the better. "

Female, 42 years old

"She isn't one to just study an idea. Kathleen has lived it. She's earned her stripes. She's the real deal."

Male, 45 years old

"I hadn't noticed that there was that much of a change. My family noticed. They said that I was kinder, that I looked for and noticed what they were doing, and wasn't as critical. She helped me learn how to appreciate myself, and others."

Female, 43 years old

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