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Sober October 25

Oct 26, 2020

Tonight is by a special request for a 5 point meditation. We will focus on the breath, the hands, the feet, the shoulders and the "third eye."  Fun fact: when you furrow your brow in tension, the muscles used actually originate where the "third eye" is supposedly located.

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Sober October 24

Oct 25, 2020

How you would like to be remembered and what you would like to experience relationally in this life?

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Sober October 23

Oct 24, 2020

The story of the Japanese Soldier can be found in Heart of the Mind by Connirae and Steve Andreas.  Let us welcome these parts of ourselves that have served us as best they could with the knowledge that they had. And then gently and kindly share with them your new knowledge as you have grown throughout the years.

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Sober October 22

Oct 23, 2020

Focusing is easier when we have our deeper values in alignment with our desires to create a better part of our lives. Tonight's meditation is on this deeper focusing on your deeper values and integrating these with your desires for your recovery.

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Sober October 21

Oct 22, 2020

So many days, the expectations of others and ourselves can weigh us down. Many people mean well, and we mean well when we expect great things from ourselves, and it is also helpful to know when to rest, and give those expectations which might be too much back to the Source.

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Sober October 20

Oct 21, 2020

Friends of mine shared their prayers with me, as well as other prayers that they found from other traditions. I thought about how some people find spirituality and prayer useful when it comes to their sobriety and wanted to share them with you.

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Sober October 19

Oct 20, 2020

"There are three aspects to respect: respect for others; respect for principles and values; and self-respect. To have respect for another means to acknowledge their worth and value. We can respect our opponents, and hopefully, we respect our familiars. We may seriously disagree with what they say and do, and we might not fully understand who they are—but at some level, we appreciate them as people and realize that we are all born vulnerable and will probably die vulnerable."  - Roshi Joan Halifax

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Sober October 18

Oct 19, 2020

The poem that starts and finishes the movie Labyrinth:


Through dangers untold

and hardships unnumbered,

I have fought my way here

to the castle

beyond the Goblin City

to take back the child

that you have stolen.

For my will is

as strong as yours,

and my kingdom is as great.

You have no power over me.


For those who have interest in Sifu Anthony's Qi Gong courses, you can find them here:

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Sober October 17

Oct 18, 2020

Letter to your Younger Self

If you could write a letter to your Younger Self, and give the advice that you know that you would have taken back then, what would you tell your Self then?

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Sober October 16

Oct 17, 2020

The deepest answers come from that still pond of truth and wisdom within.  Tonight's guided meditation takes you to your quiet, calm, tranquil point within where you can ask the questions you have been needing answers for.

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